Easter Chocolate Workshop- 29th March 2018

 Come and learn new Chocolate skills just in time for Easter!  Join in the fun at the Chocolatician's Workshop, 402b Brighton Road, Shoreham by Sea, West sussex, BN43 6RF. 


Viva mag !

As featured in this month's Viva Brighton Mag! 

Call now on 07813 619667 or 01273 809689 to book your place on Thursday 29th March 2018- 2pm till 4pm.

Learn some new chocolate skills- how to fill a bunny lolly mould, make a spring chocolate bauble or create some delicious chocolate art using edible transfers and delicious nibbly bits.

The session is £30 per adult and everyone will go home with enough chocolate to be mistaken for the Easter bunny ! 

If you cannot make this date then get in touch - hello@chocolatician.com-  to arrange your own chocolate experience with the Chocolatician. 


New Chocolatician Chocolate Studios in Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex!

We have a brand new premises!

The Chocolate Studios, 402B Brighton Road, Shoreham-By-Sea



We shall be making all our chocolatey wonders here but also ........

Perhaps you fancy an afternoon/evening of chocolate indulgence, join in on a session or bring along some fellow choco-enthusiasts. Learn how to temper chocolate, decorate chocolates, hand-sculpt a pure chocolate rose and use moulds to create figurines and other mouth wateringly exciting stuff.

Weekday workshops can be organised on request for team building and workforce fun days.

Get in touch to arrange a bespoke chocolate adventure with us.


Chocolate Birthday Parties   

     For the younger chocolate fans age 7-16 yrs

 £25.00 per guest - 1.5hrs duration (only one grown up to attend as a non paying guest, max 8 participating paying guests at the Chocolate studios)

Learn about where chocolate comes from, how it is melted and what wonderful things you can do with it, aside from just eating the stuff, which you will practice too!

Each child will adorn a Chocolatician hat with their name written in chocolate. They will make chocolate lollypops, dip chocolates and choccy apples to individualise and package with Chocolatician's pretty packaging! 


For the more mature chocolate lover age 16 +

£35.00 per guest-2hrs duration (suitable for sophisticated birthday/hen parties)

Explore the science and magic of chocolate tempering, a bit of the history behind chocolate production and a look into the new popular craft of artisan chocolate making. All this whilst tasting the good stuff.

Then it gets hands on with plenty of truffles, lolly pops and chocolate bars to be made. 

Each guest will take home a lovely goodie bag to show off and share or gobble up themselves on the way home! 

What a perfect way to celebrate a birthday, Suitable for children and adults (from 7-yrs +), 5 or more guests, max 8 in the chocolate studio but can host parties in other venues e.g. The West Street Loft, Shoreham By Sea or a venue of your choice if suitable. 

Get in contact in here if you would like to check dates and book in with the Chocolatician for a very special chocolate event. 

Serious amounts of birthday fun!!

Serious amounts of birthday fun!!

CroQue that Caramel!!! Screw the teeth. Sometimes you just gotta have it!

Croquembouche and Choc'nbouche


 Croquembouche (or croque en bouche) is a traditional French wedding cake. It is made from profiteroles filled with pastry cream and constructed using golden caramel to stick all the crispy balls of pastry and creamy filling together, resulting in a glorious tower of sweet treats. Perfect for any birthday, anniversary party or wedding. Chocolatician has been providing these incredible sticky structures for very special days for over six years. Choose either chocolate sauce or raspberry sauce to accompany it and indulge yourself and your guests with this taste and texture explosion. 


Hang on ...what's that coming over the hill is it a ??? Yes indeed it is a chocolate monster of a pud......


Introducing Chocolatician's



Chocolatician created the Choc'nbouche as an audacious big sister to the Croquembouche. Instead of caramel holding it together it's the chocolate that does the embracing here. Each profiterole is dipped in Belgian chocolate of your choice and turned into a sweet bud of a pure chocolate rose. Every petal hand made and smothered around the profiterole bud, once attached to the chocolate cone, an awe-inspiring erection of edible floristry that will impress even the most frivolous of guests. 


Available in milk chocolate and gold or white chocolate and pinks/yellows/violets. Any colour you could ever dream of really. You choose the look and colour scheme, flavour and height and we will do the rest. We can add fruit to it or fresh flowers. Each guest will get to pluck a chocolate rose from the tower and then eat it along side a unrobed profiterole, classically filled with a vanilla cream and serving sauce. 

The Croquembouche and Choc'nbouche start at around £5.50 per guest including delivery, berries and sauciness (chocolate or Raspberry Couli) to make this cake a real money saving pudfest. 



Luckily the fire alarm was right there because this cake and this couple were super hot!!!!


If you are interested in finding out more about having a Croquembouche or a Choc'nbouche for your party then get in touch HERE

 We deliver anywhere within a 1.5hr radius of Brighton.

Chocolate Art Workshops


Chocolatician are providing a deliciously different way for you to spend your Saturday in the pub.

Learn how to temper chocolate, decorate chocolates, hand-sculpt a pure chocolate rose and use moulds to create figurines and other bonkers stuff. 

Fantastic group or individual activity to do on a Saturday morning. Make a special christmas present, learn a new skill, eat loads of chocolate, have all the fun! 

Weekday workshops can be organised on request for team building and workforce fun days. 

Workshops available to book now :

Saturday 12th November 2016, North Laine Brewhouse, Brighton, 10.30 till 1.00pm tickets

Saturday 10th December 2016, North Laine Brewhouse, Brighton, 10.30 till 1.00pm tickets

The Bunnies are Back!!

    Cumberbunnies are not just for Easter or so it would seem.

After the wonderfully successful launch of Chocolatician and the explosion of love and amazement for the cumberbunnies this Easter , we have taken a few weeks out to focus on the next projects, catch up on sleep and replenish stocks of the choccy rabbit!  The Cumberbunnies are back!! 

You can now purchase a Cumberbunny in Milk , Dark or White chocolate by visiting the chocolatician website here!

Shipping still only available to the U.k. and parts of Europe. Sorry to U.s. fans who have shown such incredible support for the Cumberbunny. We are doing everything we can to try and make it possible for the bunnies to get their butts over to you. You will be informed as soon as this is possible. Please sign up to the newsletter if you haven't already to get updates. 

£2 from every bunny purchased will be donated to the Save the Children UK charity to carry on the amazing fundraising that the first Cumberbunny ever made, managed to achieve in a charity auction this Easter. 

Delivery is 7-14 days so please order in good time for birthday presents and special treats.




Chocolate Easter Roast Lunch for Aldi

Every Easter Lunch should involve a fair amount of chocolate but is this too much for you?


Photographs by Aldi/Crate47


After an incredible launch for Chocolatician with the Cumberbunnies it was back to the chocolate casting for Jen, Chocolatician and the gang from Plunge Creations (sculptures and mould makers extraordinaires) for a super tasty job for Aldi for Easter 2016.

 The Task was to create a full size chocolate roast lunch for a family of four. This was to include table, four chairs, vegetables, leg of lamb, wine bottle and glasses, condiments, cutlery, crockery and a plate of hot cross buns. Everything you can see in these fab images (Aldi/Crate47) is cast or clad from delicious, smooth and luxurious chocolate.

It took three weeks in total to create this chocolate masterpiece and over 50kg of chocolate.

After its completion it was taken for a trip to London and assembled on the South Bank of the River Thames for the public to sit at and have a good sniff. There were a few peas consumed and plenty of children and pigeons swarming to chance their luck on a nibble or two. 

Thankfully it made it in one piece to the Supermarket's Head Quarters who commissioned it and they used it to promote their easter products and spread the word on how 'This Easter, at Aldi, customers can feed a family of four a roast lunch for a mere £3.80 per head – cheaper than a single luxury Easter egg in most UK supermarkets.'

You can watch and learn how we did it here.