Chocolate Mermaid

Chocolate Mermaid at Westfield Shopping Centre on the hottest day of Summer 2018!


It’ll be chocolate Unicorns next, you mark my words!!

This was the latest commission for Chocolatician and Plunge Creations LTD. Pulling together our collective sculpting, mould-making and chocolate master skills for a promotional event during the hottest summer for 40years!!!!

It took eight weeks to create this life size (for those who have met a mermaid in daylight and know how big they are) siren of the sea. Sculpting and casting the face and decorating the body with over 30kg of Fairtrade and organic Belgian chocolate. The final days of this adventure, at West Field Shopping centre in the sweltering London heat, were spent putting the final touches on the mermaid including hand making over two hundred scales to tessellate onto her two tails. Crowned to perfection and gold dusted to complete her majestic glory! Behold the chocolate mermaid!