New Chocolatician Chocolate Studios in Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex!

We have a brand new premises!

The Chocolate Studios, 402B Brighton Road, Shoreham-By-Sea



We shall be making all our chocolatey wonders here but also ........

Perhaps you fancy an afternoon/evening of chocolate indulgence, join in on a session or bring along some fellow choco-enthusiasts. Learn how to temper chocolate, decorate chocolates, hand-sculpt a pure chocolate rose and use moulds to create figurines and other mouth wateringly exciting stuff.

Weekday workshops can be organised on request for team building and workforce fun days.

Get in touch to arrange a bespoke chocolate adventure with us.


Chocolate Birthday Parties   

     For the younger chocolate fans age 7-16 yrs

 £25.00 per guest - 1.5hrs duration (only one grown up to attend as a non paying guest, max 8 participating paying guests at the Chocolate studios)

Learn about where chocolate comes from, how it is melted and what wonderful things you can do with it, aside from just eating the stuff, which you will practice too!

Each child will adorn a Chocolatician hat with their name written in chocolate. They will make chocolate lollypops, dip chocolates and choccy apples to individualise and package with Chocolatician's pretty packaging! 


For the more mature chocolate lover age 16 +

£35.00 per guest-2hrs duration (suitable for sophisticated birthday/hen parties)

Explore the science and magic of chocolate tempering, a bit of the history behind chocolate production and a look into the new popular craft of artisan chocolate making. All this whilst tasting the good stuff.

Then it gets hands on with plenty of truffles, lolly pops and chocolate bars to be made. 

Each guest will take home a lovely goodie bag to show off and share or gobble up themselves on the way home! 

What a perfect way to celebrate a birthday, Suitable for children and adults (from 7-yrs +), 5 or more guests, max 8 in the chocolate studio but can host parties in other venues e.g. The West Street Loft, Shoreham By Sea or a venue of your choice if suitable. 

Get in contact in here if you would like to check dates and book in with the Chocolatician for a very special chocolate event. 

Serious amounts of birthday fun!!

Serious amounts of birthday fun!!