Benedict Cumberbatch reacts to his Chocolate Bunnies Look-Alikes ! At Last!

Click through to 0.40secs for Chocolate action.

Finally we get to hear what Benedict Cumberbatch thinks of his Chocolate Bunnies and Life size chocolate replica the ’Chocobatch’! Being interviewed on the Ellen Show by Ellen Degeneres!

We are all pretty chuffed to hear that he isn’t completely freaked out by the edible homage and appreciates the hard work that went into them. ‘Its very good ‘ and ‘ she’s very talented’ are both pretty wonderful compliments from one of the UK’s most respected and adored actors.

Ellen herself was impressed by the likeness. Does anyone feel a Edible Ellen coming on!!!

Viewing figures have reach 320,000 already on this clip with over 6,000 likes! Chocolatician and Plunge Creations are thrilled with the exposure and are planning a celebratory limited edition Cumberbunny for Christmas….3 guesses…?