CroQue that Caramel!!! Screw the teeth. Sometimes you just gotta have it!

Croquembouche and Choc'nbouche


 Croquembouche (or croque en bouche) is a traditional French wedding cake. It is made from profiteroles filled with pastry cream and constructed using golden caramel to stick all the crispy balls of pastry and creamy filling together, resulting in a glorious tower of sweet treats. Perfect for any birthday, anniversary party or wedding. Chocolatician has been providing these incredible sticky structures for very special days for over six years. Choose either chocolate sauce or raspberry sauce to accompany it and indulge yourself and your guests with this taste and texture explosion. 


Hang on ...what's that coming over the hill is it a ??? Yes indeed it is a chocolate monster of a pud......


Introducing Chocolatician's



Chocolatician created the Choc'nbouche as an audacious big sister to the Croquembouche. Instead of caramel holding it together it's the chocolate that does the embracing here. Each profiterole is dipped in Belgian chocolate of your choice and turned into a sweet bud of a pure chocolate rose. Every petal hand made and smothered around the profiterole bud, once attached to the chocolate cone, an awe-inspiring erection of edible floristry that will impress even the most frivolous of guests. 


Available in milk chocolate and gold or white chocolate and pinks/yellows/violets. Any colour you could ever dream of really. You choose the look and colour scheme, flavour and height and we will do the rest. We can add fruit to it or fresh flowers. Each guest will get to pluck a chocolate rose from the tower and then eat it along side a unrobed profiterole, classically filled with a vanilla cream and serving sauce. 

The Croquembouche and Choc'nbouche start at around £5.50 per guest including delivery, berries and sauciness (chocolate or Raspberry Couli) to make this cake a real money saving pudfest. 



Luckily the fire alarm was right there because this cake and this couple were super hot!!!!


If you are interested in finding out more about having a Croquembouche or a Choc'nbouche for your party then get in touch HERE

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