Chocolate Art Workshops


Chocolatician are providing a deliciously different way for you to spend your Saturday in the pub.

Learn how to temper chocolate, decorate chocolates, hand-sculpt a pure chocolate rose and use moulds to create figurines and other bonkers stuff. 

Fantastic group or individual activity to do on a Saturday morning. Make a special christmas present, learn a new skill, eat loads of chocolate, have all the fun! 

Weekday workshops can be organised on request for team building and workforce fun days. 

Workshops available to book now :

Saturday 12th November 2016, North Laine Brewhouse, Brighton, 10.30 till 1.00pm tickets

Saturday 10th December 2016, North Laine Brewhouse, Brighton, 10.30 till 1.00pm tickets

The Bunnies are Back!!

    Cumberbunnies are not just for Easter or so it would seem.

After the wonderfully successful launch of Chocolatician and the explosion of love and amazement for the cumberbunnies this Easter , we have taken a few weeks out to focus on the next projects, catch up on sleep and replenish stocks of the choccy rabbit!  The Cumberbunnies are back!! 

You can now purchase a Cumberbunny in Milk , Dark or White chocolate by visiting the chocolatician website here!

Shipping still only available to the U.k. and parts of Europe. Sorry to U.s. fans who have shown such incredible support for the Cumberbunny. We are doing everything we can to try and make it possible for the bunnies to get their butts over to you. You will be informed as soon as this is possible. Please sign up to the newsletter if you haven't already to get updates. 

£2 from every bunny purchased will be donated to the Save the Children UK charity to carry on the amazing fundraising that the first Cumberbunny ever made, managed to achieve in a charity auction this Easter. 

Delivery is 7-14 days so please order in good time for birthday presents and special treats.




Chocolate Easter Roast Lunch for Aldi

Every Easter Lunch should involve a fair amount of chocolate but is this too much for you?


Photographs by Aldi/Crate47


After an incredible launch for Chocolatician with the Cumberbunnies it was back to the chocolate casting for Jen, Chocolatician and the gang from Plunge Productions (sculptures and mould makers extraordinaires) for a super tasty job for Aldi for Easter 2016.

 The Task was to create a full size chocolate roast lunch for a family of four. This was to include table, four chairs, vegetables, leg of lamb, wine bottle and glasses, condiments, cutlery, crockery and a plate of hot cross buns. Everything you can see in these fab images (Aldi/Crate47) is cast or clad from delicious, smooth and luxurious chocolate.

It took three weeks in total to create this chocolate masterpiece and over 50kg of chocolate.

After its completion it was taken for a trip to London and assembled on the South Bank of the River Thames for the public to sit at and have a good sniff. There were a few peas consumed and plenty of children and pigeons swarming to chance their luck on a nibble or two. 

Thankfully it made it in one piece to the Supermarket's Head Quarters who commissioned it and they used it to promote their easter products and spread the word on how 'This Easter, at Aldi, customers can feed a family of four a roast lunch for a mere £3.80 per head – cheaper than a single luxury Easter egg in most UK supermarkets.'

You can watch and learn how we did it here.