White Chocolate Cumberbunny

From the creator of the Cumberbunny and chocobatch and other edible showstoppers like the Chocolate Queen at 90, the new brand is tempered and set….Chocolatician . 

Our Story

Chocolatician is a new chocolate chapter for creator and head chocolate artist Jen Lindsey-Clark. 

After a successful career to date as a head pastry chef, cake maker and decorator, the time has come to really utilise her talents and passion for experimenting with chocolate and push the limits of how chocolate can be used as a medium to make art and bespoke gifts. 

By combining skills with other sculptors and creative individuals, Chocolatician are redefining the parameters of the chocolate world. 

The ‘Chocobatch’ in 2015, a life sized chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch figure was the big push that brought Jen and her team into the limelight after this iconic chocolate man brought much attention and adoration from fans around the world. These fans were delighted to receive the news that a miniature version with ears and a tail would be available to purchase for Easter 2016 and then it was the Queen's turn......

Chocolatician is fast becoming the go to chocolate artistry and bespoke gift supplier. Those that are feeling inspired are also signing up to workshops and experience days.